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Grading is an opinion, we try to be as accurate as possible. Our grades are for paper quality, centering is not part of the grade. Only notes with tight margins will be mentioned.

GEM CU - GEM Crisp Uncirculated: All corners are sharp, paper quality the best.

Ch CU - Choice Crisp Uncirculated: Note can have one corner tip bend.

CU- Crisp Uncirculated: Note can have 2 or 3 bent corner tips, handling, or a counting crease.

AU - Almost Uncirculated: One light to moderate center-fold, heavy counting crease, or handling.

XF - Extra Fine: May have 2 or 3 quarter folds, and a horizontal fold. Still very crisp with some circulation.

VF - Very Fine: Retains some crispness, evenly circulated, fairly clean note.

F - Fine: An average well circulated note with some rigidity.

VG - Very Good: Well circulated but whole, limp, and soiled.

G - Good: Can have tears and pieces missing.